January 21, 2018

SAG Awards Red Carpet

Going to keep this post short and sweet.  I really enjoy the SAG awards.  Something about actors honoring other actors for their work changes the atmosphere of this awards show. The speeches are always so genuine and not so much about thanking a long list of people, but about those honored being so humbled their peers voted for them.
The Red Carpet this year was honestly not my favorite.  Not sure why but I really had trouble picking favorites. I found myself not able to pick ten dresses I loved, so I decided to go with a top five instead.  A lot of embellished dresses this year, whether they had allover sparkle or specific embellished details.  Actually all of my favorite dresses had some sort of embellishment with a couple being completely covered in sequins!
So without further rambling, here were my favorites...

Allison Janney in Yanina Couture

January 18, 2018

My Maternity Wardrobe Essentials

I know I may sound like a broken record at this point, but I really tried to limit my maternity specific purchases while pregnant.  If I did buy new clothes I tried to buy things I would purchase regardless and could wear after baby.  But in reality of course there are some maternity essentials needed for months of a growing belly!
Now that I am at the end of those nine months, I wanted to share my go to maternity wardrobe essentials.  I know at the beginning it was all very overwhelming for me to know what to buy, and which were the best brands, and what was worth investing in.  So I wanted to share what I bought and what worked for me.

January 7, 2018

An Empowered Golden Globes

I hesitate to talk too much about the Red Carpet trends when this years Golden Globes was so much more than a celebration of Film, TV, and Fashion.  From the all black looks that walked the carpet, to the empowering speeches by so many women and men, it was quite an inspiring show.  In addition to the general sentiment and atmosphere at the ceremony,  the power of the evening was heightened by the heartfelt speeches of the incredible women who collected awards this year.  Not going to lie I might have occasionally teared up and definitely cheered out loud a couple of times.  I couldn't help it!
But since this blog post is supposed to be about the outfits that walked down the Red Carpet, and I really enjoy doing these posts every year, I did focus on the fashion for a minute and put together my top ten.  Even though everyone was in the color black, I was happy to see there was still a ton of versatility and individual style!  Here were my personal favorites...

Alison Brie in Vassilis Zoulias

December 21, 2017

Really a Romper

We have lived in the bay area for over six years, and we still discover new places all of the time.  We played tourist a couple of weekends ago and went to enjoy the view of the Golden Gate bridge from the Marin Headlands before trying a new restaurant for brunch.  We discovered this tunnel at Hawk Hill.  Instead of taking more traditional pictures with the bridge in the background, we decided to take some here.  I was intrigued by a not so typical background, even though it was a literal wind tunnel.

December 14, 2017

Dillon Beach

This Thanksgiving we discovered a wonderful place called Dillon Beach.  My family came to California to be with us for the Thanksgiving Holiday.  We had originally planned to stay in Healdsburg, but we had to change our plans last minute due to a rental house snafu.  It wound up being a blessing in disguise, as we found a wonderful house to settle into for the long weekend in this tiny coastal town on a beautiful beach!