January 29, 2013

Dresser Detox

One of my New Year's resolutions was to organize and finally finish decorating our apartment.  We have been in SF for over a year, but I still find myself with a long list of projects I need to complete.
I have been meaning to organize my dresser for months.  Living in an apartment with less than ideal storage space in the bathroom, has made my dresser multi-purpose and I use it for a vanity as well.  Because of this, I let my jewelry and beauty products take over, resulting in a cluttered mess.

First, I needed to organize all of my jewelry.  I took a wire hanging rack which I mounted on a wall in my closet to hang some of my necklaces.  Now I can find them all and they aren't just taking up space on my dresser.  

Second, I purchased a jewelry box (here) to organize and hold the rest of my jewelry.

Next, I replaced the catch-all basket where I threw all of my makeup and beauty products with a clear drawer organizer (here).  This way I can separate different products and find everything quickly in the morning when I am rushing out the door before work.  

Last but not least, I finally hung the mirror I scored at a Pottery Barn sample sale on the wall.  This also cleared up space, since before it was just resting on the dresser.

With these few changes my dresser now looks clean and clutter free.  I feel so much more organized and getting ready for the day is always a little bit easier!