March 15, 2015

Dressed Down

As we head into the middle of March, I realize how ready I am for spring!  Every year when we spring our clocks forward, I am so relieved that the sun sets a little bit later and warmer weather is upon us.  We have had a few beautiful sunny days in SF recently, enough for me to pull out my favorite dresses and light jackets from the back of my closet.  Alas, I am not going to use this whole post to talk about the change of seasons and the weather.

During my time in NYC I became a huge fan of the designer Lauren Moffatt.  Twice a year I would head to their sample sale, and stock up on truly beautiful pieces.  When I heard the Fall 2014 collection was going to be their last, I sent a friend in proxy to score me at least one final piece.  I love that all of Lauren Moffatt's designs have incredible style details.  Like THIS oversized cost with a contrast color placket and cute pockets!  And of course, this silk midi dress with chambray and sweatshirt trims. It is one of my favorite dresses in my closet, along with many of her other dresses from seasons past.  It's a sad thought to realize she won't have any more collections coming out, but I am glad I have a large handful of her designs in my closet!

Dress: Lauren Moffatt- Similar options Here and Here
Jacket: Gap- Denim Jacket
Shoes: Same Edelman- Petty Bootie