October 24, 2017

Shirtdress And A Sunset

Two things I am a big fan of are a good shirtdress and a good sunset!  I am probably not alone in these sentiments, especially when it comes to enjoying a beautiful sunset.  I am just guessing, but I think most people enjoy the the colors and serenity at sunset.  A lot of times I hesitate to take blog photos at sunset.  It is so hard to capture the magic of it, if you will.  Although, it is called a golden hour for photo taking for a reason!

Anyway, whenever we go to Tucson I try to find a spot where we can enjoy the sunset. There is something about the desert sky that always produces beautiful colors when the sun goes down.  On our way to dinner one night I made my husband and mother in law take me somewhere to see a clearer view of the beauty that is a desert sunset.  They were kind enough to oblige!  What you can't see in these pictures, is when the sun really went down and the skies turned bright pink and purple.

As I prep for my growing body, I have been looking for clothes that I can wear now but also after baby.  Whenever I go to purchase a new piece, I think about if I would buy it if I wasn't pregnant.  That way I can think about how I would wear it after baby.  I have found some really great things from Free People.  Like this Shirtdress, which is amazing! I have already worn it a lot, it was great when I wasn't sharing the news yet, and is perfect for an ever growing belly.  I wore it in Tucson with sandals during the day and threw on booties at night.  I plan on wearing with skinny jeans or leggings as we get into winter weather in the Bay Area, you will probably see it again on Instagram or even on the blog in the upcoming months! 

Dress: Free People Georgie Maxi Top
Boots: Madewell Walker Chelsea Boot