January 18, 2018

My Maternity Wardrobe Essentials

I know I may sound like a broken record at this point, but I really tried to limit my maternity specific purchases while pregnant.  If I did buy new clothes I tried to buy things I would purchase regardless and could wear after baby.  But in reality of course there are some maternity essentials needed for months of a growing belly!
Now that I am at the end of those nine months, I wanted to share my go to maternity wardrobe essentials.  I know at the beginning it was all very overwhelming for me to know what to buy, and which were the best brands, and what was worth investing in.  So I wanted to share what I bought and what worked for me.

For me it was at about sixteen weeks when I needed to figure out an alternative for my regular jeans.  After looking at a bunch of options online, I decided to go to a maternity store to try on some options.  I had heard Paige Denim had some of the best maternity options.  For all you San Francisco readers I went to Mom's the Word and had a great experience.  I went looking for the perfect pair of maternity jeans, and left with just that, and a great pair of exercise leggings.  They were both on the pricier side, but I figured for months of wearing them I needed a few things I wanted to wear everyday and would be comfortable in.  The jeans I went with were Paige Denim Skyline Maternity Jeans, I basically wore these all of the time.  Skinny jeans are a closet staple for me, so finding a good maternity option was essential.  And since I made sure to stay active throughout my pregnancy, a good pair of workout leggings were also super important.  I got the Ingrid and Isabel Active Maternity Capris.  Seen in these pictures!  I wear these all of the time.  They are a great fit, and they also are built to adjust throughout the nine months.  At the beginning when my belly was smaller I could wear them folded over, and then when my belly really popped I could wear them unfolded so they went all the way up and covered the belly.  For me this kept me comfortable throughout my pregnancy and all of my workouts.  Even though these were my two more expensive purchases they were well worth.  Literally wore them both multiple times a week from week sixteen until, well, now (and for a few more weeks)!

Ok now that I have rambled on and on about just two pieces, I guess I should move on to the rest!  I did buy two maternity dresses.  Both I scored on sale!  My favorite is this Hatch Jersey Drape dress.  In the Fall and in warmer climates like Maui and Arizona (seen Here), I wore it without leggings.  As weather got colder throughout the winter I kept wearing but with tights.  As far as tights I bought these, Blanqui Maternity Belly Support Leggings.  They have been great with dresses and long tunics.  I call them tights as that is what they are, I would not consider them leggings that could be worn as pants with shorter tops.  I also bought this Ingrid and Isabel Knit Maternity Dress.  I have not worn it as much but it is very comfortable and nice soft fabric.  I bought it in Grey during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale.  Nordstrom caries a lot of Ingrid and Isabel.  I definitely bought the most from this brand, workout leggings, a dress, and this Top!  I really like the fabric and fit on all of these items.

That basically sums up my key maternity specific purchases.  Otherwise I wore looser tops, tunics and dresses I already had.  Or I purchased new non-maternity items that would fit through the pregnancy and I would wear after!
At about 32 weeks in full swing winter weather and my belly feeling fully grown, I felt like I needed a second pair of workout leggings and tights, but I didn't want to spend a lot of money.  Some of my friends recommended Gap Maternity.  Luckily when I went online to check it out everything was 40% off, so I went ahead and got a second pair of workout leggings Here and leggings to wear with tops, tunics, dresses, Here.  Oh and a cute comfortable white tee Here!  They have all worked out well especially the Pure Body Leggings.

Sorry I realize this post was a little bit of a novel, but I wanted to give context to all the purchases and what I found essential to get through 40 weeks of a changing body.
Here is the check list re-cap
1. A great pair of Jeans
2. A great pair of workout Leggings
3. A couple comfortable Dresses Here or Here or Here
4. A couple comfortable Tops or Tees
5. A good pair of Leggings or Tights (especially if pregnant in the winter months)

Tee: Asos Preggosaurus Tee
Leggings: Ingrid and Isabel Active Maternity Capris
Shoes: Merrell Siren Edge Hiking Shoes
Sunglasses: Sonix Melrose Sunglasses